Creating a Business Atmosphere

Knowledge-based services are a high-value export format. They generate jobs, promote technological innovation and development, and they are a great source of foreign currency.

At Argencon we work to foster an environment nurturing the development of this activity. We do this by creating a business mindset conducive to knowledge-based services and enabling companies and entrepreneurs across the sector to come together. We also promote our competitive advantage, backing entrepreneurship and SMEs. Working to improve tax and legal regulations. Developing double taxation agreements, among other priorities. And highlighting the importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Our immediate goals are:

• Advocate for creating legal instruments for national policies, especially those aimed at gen-erating jobs and a 10-year-long stable business framework.

• Create a mixed taxation and international nego-tiations specialist team, to negotiate double taxa-tion agreements with destination countries.

• Support the emergence of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

• Create a business environment amenable to this type of businesses.

• Work with international trade regulatory organizations to facilitate this activity.

About Argencon
Argencon is an institution formed by foreign market-related knowledge-based service companies. It aims to include the different productive clusters related to services, considering not only their individual operational topics but also their common problems.
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