Entering a new economy

The objective of Argencon is to promote the export of knowledge-based services and to position Argentina as a key actor at global level. It is a business space for dialogue and work, operating side by side with the academic world, civil society organizations and the public sector. We want Argentina to be at the centre of the export of knowledge-based services in Latin America.

We gather together different sectors: accounting and legal services; architectural and engineering firms; audiovisual media services and advertising agencies; computing, software and business consulting services; Internet development and research bodies, among others.

Argencon 2014 Strategic Plan is focused on:

• Bringing Argentina into international focus.
• Creating talented human resources.
• Improving business conditions for the development of the sector.

We export ideas. The talent stays with us.

About Argencon
Argencon is an institution formed by foreign market-related knowledge-based service companies. It aims to include the different productive clusters related to services, considering not only their individual operational topics but also their common problems.
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