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Argencon welcomed MIT Sloan Global Entrepreneurship Lab students in Argentina
eY will add a thousand professionals to grow in Argentina
App presented by an Argentine, to revolutionize medical checks
NEORIS Argentina expects a 20% growth in KBS exports
Viacom acquired Telefé for its talent
Argentina has the best English skills in the region
Buenos Aires is among the top 25 best cities of the world
Nearshore Americas: ?Rosario, Argentina: An Emerging Tech Hub with Challenges?
Latin America beats China, India increativity
My Takeaways From Nearshore Nexus: Why Nearshore No Longer Works
Juan Jose Campanella joins ARGENCON as member of Advisory Board
In New York City Pitch, Argentina IT Elite Asks Observers to Look Past “Baffling Economy”
Sowing Education – Harvesting Talent
Debt Default or Not, It´s Entrepreneurship That´s Going to Save Argentina
Argentina's IT Industry Aims to Become Regional Leader
About Argencon
Argencon is an institution formed by foreign market-related knowledge-based service companies. It aims to include the different productive clusters related to services, considering not only their individual operational topics but also their common problems.
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